We are grateful to everyone who gives their time on a Sunday serving on one of our many teams.  If you need to check a rota then did you know that you can see your own responsibilities by logging into the website and selecting “My Area” from the menu, choosing “My involvements” and then "My Reminders".  This should show everything you are on a rota for in the next few months.

If you want to see the full rotas, then these can be accessed using the links below.

Service Responsibilities
Click here for the rota for 

·         service leaders,
·         preachers,
·         musicians,
·         readers,
·         those leading intercessions,
·         assisting with Holy Communion or
·         on the Prayer Ministry team


Sunday Helpers
Click here for the rota to find when you are helping out in church on a Sunday either as a

·         welcomer,
·         computer or sound desk operator or
·         serving tea and coffee after the service.

Junior Church/Pathfinders

Click here for the rota for Junior Church and Pathfinder leaders

Stephanie Rankin, 07/01/2017